Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.

Wallace Stevens

our neighborhood explore. discover. enjoy


We never get tired of searching for that moment of transcendance we find at some little spot we had the luxury to discover and explore in Northern Michigan.  We’ll keep sharing our favorites as we go.


  • lake_affect_legs Legs Inn on the map!

    Legs Inn

    Cross Village, Michigan

    Take that drive up through the tunnel of trees and make sure you stop at the little Trillium Woods antique store and have the Amish cinnamon cake and a double espresso in their cozy cottage while you look at the artifacts from the north. Then continue on until you get to Cross Village and the Legs Inn.
    In the early 1900’s while spending a great deal of time in the forests and shores surrounding Lake Michigan and Wycamp Lake, Stanley Smolak observed the artistic beauty inherent in nature. The twisted and tormented forms of trees, roots and driftwood collected by Smolak from the surrounding area, along with the stones washed smooth and round by Lake Michigan’s waters, aroused the artist in him – and from them he created this unusual building, fixtures and furniture that is Legs Inn. He once said: “Nature is the greatest sculptor – I am only helping to make the artistic objects more visible to the ordinary eye.”

    The Polish immigrant served delicious Polish foods and his family continues to do so today. We’re serious, this is good food so be careful but don’t try to count calories, just enjoy!



  • lake_affect_tunnel M119 Road Trip “Tunnel of Trees” on the map!

    M119 Road Trip “Tunnel of Trees”

    M119, Northern Michigan

    Take a scenic drive up M119 for the feeling of getting it away from it all and getting a natural fix. There are several places to stop for food on the way and we recommend that you bring your own picnic basket and maybe a small cooler for picking up beverages of your choice. Try Gurney’s in Harbor Springs for delicious sandwiches. Maybe a stop at one of the many sweet treat shops like Tom’s Mom’s Cookies, House’s Fudge or Velvet for some treats to enjoy on the way. This is not a road for anyone in a hurry, so take your time. Stop off at one of the beaches or look outs, explore—if you have a convertible or access to any sort of fab car this is the place to drive it.


  • lake_affect_inn_bay inn at bay harbor on the map!

    inn at bay harbor

    Bay Harbor, Michigan

    Many times when you head up north you’re going to your own cottage or to someone else’s lake house.  But every once in awhile, if you’re looking for a luxurious escape, try the Inn at Bay Harbor.  The hotel was conceived in the spirit of the turn of the century lakeside hotels that once served the vacationers in the North.  It’s fluffy beds, amazing views and refined service will be a great backdrop to your northern explorations.

  • lake_affect_boyne boyne highlands on the map!

    boyne highlands

    harbor springs, michigan

    The grass is greener in the north and just arriving at Boyne Highlands makes you sense that all is right with the world.  The 50 year old resort is timeless with it’s vine covered main lodge and cuckcoo clock architecture.  In the fall explore the grounds, take a chairlift ride to see the colors, enjoy a cocktail on the patio, zip through the trees on a zipline tour.  In the winter ski, have a cocktail in the hot pool overlooking the beautiful white ski hills, get festive in the packed Slopeside or listen to live music at the ever popular Zoo Bar and after all that, sleep in the soft, welcoming, white cloud that is the Boyne bed.  Ahhhh…..

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