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Morel Mushroom Tumbler

Morel Mushroom Tumbler


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From supernatural interpretations of the ‘fairy rings’ that seem to magically appear after a rainfall to their traditional use by cultures around the globe as food, medicine and, yes, even poison – mushrooms have long been a source of mystery, wonder, danger… and deliciousness.

Each mouth-blown glass features an exquisitely hand-engraved image of a morel on its side and a related floral image (leaves, acorns, or twigs) on its bottom. The design of each motif was based on classic 18th and early 19th century botanical illustrations; the original idea for the collection was inspired by the fact that in the Czech Republic, mushroom picking is “truly a national pastime – and a favorite sport, right behind hockey and tennis.”

100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown and Hand-Engraved